Dumping Biosolids Or Sludge? Avoid These Mistakes

When working with materials that generate sludge or biosolids, ridding your site of those substances can be an afterthought. Your focus might always remain on the products and work that your facility produces, and the waste generated along the way isn't something you think about. However, this disinterest can cause problems that lead to spills, fines, and other problems. To satisfy your town and protect your workers and the environment, simple mistakes like those here should be avoided.

Ignoring Township Guidelines

Even if you're familiar with biosolids, you should be knowledgeable about the specific requirements in the town or city where your facility operates. Even though there are general federal guidelines, a city or town can have specific rules of their own. Ignoring those could put your company at risk for several fines.

Improper Storage

If drums are being filled and left in work areas until a dump trailer can be loaded, that is irresponsible. Ensure a dedicated storage area exists so that whenever a drum is full, it can be moved safely away from workers and put in storage. This will cut down on the likelihood of spills that could affect large portions of your workforce.

Of course, just because drums are in storage waiting for dump trailers, that doesn't mean you should ignore them. In fact, you should frequently be monitoring the integrity of the drums you have.

Schedule Frequent Dump Trailer Pickups

Dump trailers will take away your sludge and biosolids. In fact, dump trailers are vital for keeping those substances from harming your site or employees. Once loaded, the trailers will move sludge or biosolids to processing centers where it can be safely handled and transformed into other materials. 

Scheduling frequent pickups is smart for two reasons. For one thing, it permits less sludge and biosolids on your site. That means less opportunity that something will leak there and less chance of the sludge affecting people on site. Secondly, frequent pickups mean that you can improve production and generate more biosolids; you won't worry that the storage area will become full. 

Having No Plan for Leaks

While not probable, a sludge spill or leak is always possible, even if you take all precautions. Don't assume that a leak can't happen when a drum is sealed and in storage or safely loaded on a dump trailer. To lessen the impact of leakage or spilling, you, the dump trailer company, and your team need to have a specific plan for such possibilities.

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