The Piece-By-Piece Junk Removal Plan

When the time comes to clean out a house packed with junk, even calling a junk removal service seems daunting. Cleaning out an inherited home could prove complicated since so valuable items might be mixed up with worthless belongings. Perhaps an incremental approach to getting rid of junk works best.

Taking the Junk Out Piece-By-Piece

The chaotic nature of an inherited home does create some woes. A filled-up attic and basement both loaded with boxes, crates, furniture, and drawers and closets, both stuffed, leads you not knowing where to start. So, do things in steps. No rule exists that a junk removal service can't come back time and time again. Nor does a client need to fill the entire truck up. A junk removal company would happily remove a few things and charge accordingly based on weight and truck space. You do need to provide the removing crew with some guidance, though.

Get Rid of Bulky Things

Dressers with several drawers, oversized tables, television sets, spare couches, and other bulk items should be the first things to go. They take up a lot of space. Once they leave your home, the added space gives you much more room to work. You can focus more on itemizing the remaining items. When removing bulky furniture, be careful not to throw out anything of value. Go through all drawers and such to make sure no jewelry, heirlooms, coins, or other valuables leave with them.

Relocate the Valuables

Once you gain more space, you can separate paintings, sculptures, electronics, and other valuables from things you don't want anymore. Moving valuables to one side of a room might not be enough. You should keep items of value and junk as far away from each other as possible. This way, when removal time comes, something you want to keep won't find its way to the truck and the local dump. Put valuables either in storage, a room in the home dedicated just for them, or take them to your primary residence. Doing so could keep them safe during what may be a chaotic time.

Don't Worry About Order

Since the belongings are going out on a junk removal truck, they don't necessarily need to be delicate, dainty, and organized. Even dumping things on the floor won't likely be unacceptable. The removal service would put stuff in trash bags and take them out. Why add stress to the situation by performing unrequired work? An experienced junk removal crew is skilled enough to handle a disorderly home.

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