Your Guys Or Their Guys? How To Decide Who Is Going To Remove The Construction Debris

Construction debris is just part of doing construction business. You know you are going to have a lot of debris, and that it is all going to end up in a pile somewhere on the construction site. When the debris gets to be too much, do you know what you are going to do with it? Will it be your crew that cleans it up, or will you outsource that task to a construction debris removal service? Here is how to decide.

Do You Have the Equipment?

If you have a couple of front loaders and a couple of extra-large dump trucks, then you could deal with this on your own. It would take several extra hours of work and the permits and fees to dispose of the debris, but if you are willing to pay your crew the extra money while paying the extra fees, you could do it. It also helps to borrow or rent a magnetic attachment for a boom crane, if you have the boom crane, but you could still do it without the crane. (It is just easier for picking up lots of metal when you have lots of metal debris.)

Do You Have the Time, the Crew, and the Budget for It?

Some other factors for determining if you want to clear the debris yourself are:

  • Time
  • Money in the budget
  • A volunteer crew or extra crew members for the job

To clear debris means you have to pull your crew members off of the current project and put them on debris duty. It is that, or you have to pay the crew overtime to clean up debris after their regular shifts are over. While you will undoubtedly be able to find employees who want the overtime, you may not have too many willing workers who can and will clear debris during regular working hours.

Then there is the money problem; you have to have enough in the budget to pay the workers overtime if it comes to that. You cannot go over-budget as that would make for a very unhappy client/consumer. If there is wiggle room for a little overtime, maybe you could pull this off.

The Cost-Efficacy of Hiring a Service

On the flip side, if you were to hire a debris-clearing service, none of your crew leaves his/her post. None of them would get overtime because they could all go home at the end of the workday. Additionally, the junk removal crews could have the construction debris cleared away in less time and less money.

Since these companies often have flat rates or hourly rates, it is easier to figure out the cost, too. Rather than figuring out the amount you owe to each hourly employee who makes a little more or a little less than the next employee. As for trying to figure out where the debris goes, the junk services already know where to put the debris and charge you that fee.

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