Home Security Tips For Using A Roll-Off Dumpster

Using a roll-off dumpster can be a great way to get rid of junk and clutter, but it's important to keep your home's security in mind as you begin removing unwanted items from your home. Here are a few security tips you can use to help keep your home safe and keep your family's privacy in mind.

Destroy Old Documents

You may have boxes of tax returns, credit card bills, and medical paperwork dating back many years in your home. Scanning these documents onto a hard drive is a great option for getting rid of paper clutter and freeing up space in your home. However, you don't want to simply throw this paperwork in the dumpster where anyone might be able to access your social security number. Instead, be sure that all your documents are destroyed by shredding them. If you have too much to shred on your own, or if you prefer to have this professionally done, ask your dumpster rental company if it offers document destruction services.

Keep Windows And Doors Closed

As much as possible, keep the windows and doors closed to your home while you are taking items to the dumpster. All the activity of dumping items can attract attention, and you don't want potential thieves to get a peek into your home. Even worse still, open doors may be an invitation for someone to simply walk into your home while you are dumping items. Try to have one person at home inside at all times while you are taking items out, and keep curtains drawn during this project.

Save Expensive-Looking Items Until The End

Potential thieves can make a few assumptions about what you have inside of your home by what you throw away. For example, if you are throwing away an old large-screen television, it might be assumed that you have a new one inside. Wait until just before your dumpster is picked up to take these items out of your home, as it prevents someone from dumpster diving for clues to what you might have inside. Other examples of items to hold off on until the last minute might include computers and gaming consoles. Also, remember to wipe the hard drives off of any computers you are sending for recycling so no one can retrieve your personal information from them.

A local dumpster rental company, such as Contractors Disposal Inc, may have other pointers you can use to keep your home and your privacy protected as you load up your dumpster and declutter your home.

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