Removal And Recycling For Businesses With Heavy Excess

Does your business need to replace large, metal objects on a regular basis? Are large pieces of cardboard a regular part of your incoming mail, or do you need to get rid of some old computers and peripherals? Simply tossing out metals, paper, and plastic is wasteful and harmful for the environment, but you could also be losing some money by not implementing at least a low-profile recycling plan. Here are points for businesses to make basic recyclable disposal and delivery a profitable reality.

Dumpster Sizing For Large Objects

If it's too light for a crane or forklift investment but too heavy or cumbersome to carry by hand and throw into a dumpster, you'll need to implement an efficient disposal strategy. This involves shortening disposal trips and making the act of disposal less involved for personnel.

One simple answer is to choose a short, wide, low-opening dumpster. A lower opening allows disposal personnel to simply tip or drop the large objects into place instead of lifting above waist height. When lifting above waist height--such as lifting an object near or above the head to get it inside a dumpster window--you increase the chances of upper body injury. Shallow dumpsters can reduce the possible injuries significantly.

The downside is that these dumpsters are generally wider to accommodate a useful amount of garbage. Another option is finding a dumpster that has a low opening, along with some sort of barrier that prevents most of the deposited items from filling up near the opening. There will still be a bit of wasted space, as garbage exceeding the window height will eventually spill over.

If your business has any higher elevation areas that are not fall risks, placing a dumpster below that area can be a huge benefit. Safety considerations need to be made to ensure that employees won't fall on or into the dumpster.

Recycling Planning For Businesses

Your business can make some of its money back through recycling, and you have two major options: whole object recycling or specific parts recycling.

When recycling whole units, you get an averaged recycling amount based on the type of object. This means that a computer will get a set payment based on what the recycling center evaluates, even if the contents may not be exactly the same as their sample.

You'll want to confirm the recycling rates with the recycling center, and be sure to ask a computer design professional to perform an analysis. This takes a specific expertise level beyond your average computer repair professional, so be sure to explain the depth of material research beforehand.

For parts recycling, you need a person who can dismantle the objects steadily and consistently. Time is money, and if you're not hiring a specific person for this task, it could take away valuable time from an employee who needs to be working on another profitable project.

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