Keeping Household Garbage Odor At A Minimum

If you own your own house, you most likely place garbage cans at the curb to be picked up by a removal service. If you have noticed foul odor coming from your trash cans, or if pests have been trying to get inside of them because of the smell of trash contained within, you are most likely concerned about the cans being tipped over and garbage strewn about your property. Getting a handle on household trash odor can help keep neighbors from complaining, as well as pests from trying to get a meal. Here are some tips you can use to minimize odor coming from your household trash.

Clean Cans In Their Entirety

It is a good idea to do a clean-out of your garbage cans after each collection session. Even if you do not see any physical debris in the bottoms of your cans, a rinsing of them will eliminate any odor that may have made its way inside of them. Invest in a deodorizing powder made especially for refuse containers. This can be sprinkled inside of the cans after they are rinsed, helping to eliminate odor as you fill up the cans for another pickup.

Use Two Garbage Bags To Contain Trash

Instead of stuffing trash into a single garbage bag to place in your waste receptacle, consider double-bagging your trash. While you will be spending more on trash bags, you will minimize the risk of a wild animal like a bear or raccoon from trying to gain entry due to pungent odor being emitted from your cans. The amount of money you spend on extra trash bags will be welcome compared to having to pick up refuse from your lawn or neighbors' properties.

Start A Compost Pile In Your Yard

Placing biodegradable items in your trash is bound to make it smelly. Food waste such as vegetable peels and leftovers from dinners can be put into a compost piles instead of in your household trash containers. This will not only eliminate the amount of smell coming from your cans, but will also minimize the amount of trash being picked up, perhaps helping you save money if you do not need to place as many cans by the road.

Keep Cans Away From Heat

If you place garbage cans in a spot where heat is abundant, the trash inside will have an amplified odor as it gets warmer. Do not place trash containers in a spot where they will be in direct sunlight for an extended time period. Keeping your garbage cans in a shaded, cool area while waiting for your scheduled pickup day, such as your garage or shed, is best.

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