Make Computer Recycling Part Of Your Business Plan

Whether you're getting rid of old systems and bringing in the new, or just needing to recycle electronics that don't have any business use, a recycling plan can change the way your business maintains a steady budget. It may not be a huge cost in some cases, but it's still spent money and used effort to throw systems into a recycling system--and there's usually a fine if you try to throw them away quickly with the general trash. Before resigning old computers to a basic disposal, here are a few ways to get a little cash back in the process.

Why Bother Recycling?

It's a sunk cost to have workers move materials out of the building. That's paid time for actual employees, or a service from contractors to get the job done. For just a little more time, you could make back a percentage of that cost with recycling.

Each material inside a computer (or any electronics in your business) has its own recycling rate. Aluminum can fetch a consistent price that may be at the bottom of most common recycling materials, while copper can fetch a much better price. Especially in a market where copper and other materials form a somewhat grey market because of theft, your legitimate copper sources that aren't from common theft targets such as air conditioners and telecommunications equipment are an easier and more appreciated sale.

Making The Recycling Process Easier

The easiest way to handle computer and electronics recycling is to add a single process: direct everything to recycling containers. This requires an investment from you, such as renting a large recycling container that is separate from general dumpsters, or getting a roll off dumpster that can be loaded as needed.

Computer units have a set daily recycling rate that is based on the average worth of a recycled computer. This doesn't take into account all of the price differences of the different materials, so if you get a tip that copper is worth a decent amount, but aluminum has dropped a lot lower than usual, you may want to add more processes.

The next process is optional, and depends on if you want to separate everything for their own recycling market. You need the computers to be taken apart, and the easiest way to do this is with a team of computer professionals.

If you have an Information Technology (IT) team on staff and can spare their time, they're the best ones for the job. Computer disassembly is an entry level procedure, and can even be used as familiarity training. Do you have other tech industry professionals who know how to program, organize databases, or other tech tasks, but have no idea what goes on with computer hardware? This recycling opportunity is also a teaching opportunity!

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